Lalibela Education Alternative Project

Who we are

Sandy Littlejohn and Sirgut Yadeta visited Lalibela in 2002.   The experience left  them with a strong desire to find ways and means to help the community to alleviate its grounding poverty. When doing initial research they discovered the acute shortage of educational facilities and skill training center. Less than half of the population can read but their respect for education is humbling. They know it's their only chance to escape crippling poverty. There are no chairs or tables in the little school, no textbooks or learning materials, making it almost impossible for these children to pass the state exam – at age 14 – which would open the door to further education.

Through no fault of their own, these bright, beautiful children have no chance of achieving their potential. There are nearly 50,000 children aged seven to 14 living in this northernmost tip of the country, yet less than half are enrolled in a school. Many of the 400 lucky enough to have a place at the school in Lalibela walk three miles there and back every day, to a mud-hut classroom where 100 pupils are supervised by one teacher. The total number of school children in Lalibela region between the ages of 7 to 14 which is the official primary school age in Ethiopia, is 49675. Of these, only 24534, 12318 boys and 12214 girls are enrolled in primary schools. There are 100 students in one class at some schools in the area. These leads to education level to be very bad. This led them to think about the idea of good education and social development in the area.  (Website sponsors: party bingo bonus code Party Poker sign up bonus party poker )

LEAP is a bold approach that involves international and local teachers, parents, and the community to work collaboratively to introduce innovative and creative initiatives based upon local needs and circumstances. By working together with the community, the project will develop a relationships, strategies, and practices that provide long-term benefits to teaching and learning process.  (Website sponsors: party bingo Party Poker sign up bonus party poker )

This will generate income not only to the students but to the community as a whole. The training focuses on the development of the whole person with new knowledge and skills, proper values and attitudes suitable for the dynamic and changing society. The project will focus on efficient quality education and technical skills training on the integral development of the person. This will have a positive long lasting effect on the society as a whole, encouraging economic and environmental growth but maintains the essence of cultural identity. (Website sponsors: party poker bonus code Party Poker sign up bonus party poker )