Lalibela Education Alternative Project


Monitoring and evaluating the project's work in Lalibela is very important, and LEAP works closely with local, regional and national authorities in Ethiopia, as well as the Charity Commission and Scottish Charity Regulator in the UK. 

Annual, quarterly and monthly reports are provided to the relevant authorities, while reports from field work in Lalibela are sent to the Charity Directors every week.  Reports are sent to trustees, donors and relevant stakeholders, and information is submitted to the Charity Regulators as requested. Site visits are regularly made, and Independant Auditors are invited to audit the accounts every year. (Website sponsors: party poker bonus code Party Poker sign up bonus party poker )

The local community is at the heart of all the work done by LEAP, and regular meetings are held where everyone can give feedback on the project's activities.  A Parents Committee, made up of parents from the 8 villages surrounding the school, is involved in the day to day running of the school and provides feedback on the impact the project is having on the community.  This feedback enables LEAP to ensure the school is meeting the needs of the community, and identifies ways it can do more.  (Website sponsors: party bingo bonus code Party Poker sign up bonus party poker )

If you have any questions about the monitoring and evaluation of the work in Lalibela, please contact LEAP on leap-ethiopia@hotmail.co.uk